Salaries, benefits and job security vary widely in academia; clear goals and planning are central to healthy finances


Academia often means casual or fixed-term contracts with regular moves to new jobs and locations. With a growing family or responsibility for ill family members, financial security is critical. Here we provide tips on planning your finances in an uncertain world, from negotiating salaries and investing in your superannuation or pension, to building your savings. Join the aKIDemic Life community to learn how you can best support your family.


Resources on the building blocks of financial security for academics

article on financial security for women

Financy AU+

Caring responsibilities often fall to women. The result may be a decrease in financial security today and after retirement. For all things women and finance check out the resources at Financy. The emphasis is on Australia, but many of the articles and videos are relevant to academic mamas worldwide.

articles on financial security for academics

Remove The Guesswork USA+

This blog by financial planner Nick Vail provides a collection of articles specifically focused on the financial security of academics. Topics range from retirement readiness to destroying your debt.


Personal Finance for PhDs USA

This website provides a treasure trove of advice to help PhD candidates and early career researchers make the most out of their money. You can read articles and blogs or listen to the podcasts.

article on financial planning for scientists

Financial planning for scientists USA

This article in Science provides useful information for academics wanting to plan their financial security in an insecure job market. Note, this is an advertising feature.

podcast on finances and financial planning

Stacking Benjamins US+

This award winning podcast provides financial know-how in bite sizes pieces. The stories are peppered with comedy so it is a lighter and more entertaining listening experience than the topic might suggest.

Podcast on financial security for women

The Pineapple Project AU+

A fun but very informative podcast on how women (and men) can improve their financial literacy and financial security. The series covers topics such as budgeting, debt and preparing for financial emergencies.


Tools to help manage your financial situation