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Interview with Professor Gretta Pecl on work-life balance

I make sure my kids understand what I do. I have involved them in a lot of things: they have come to conferences, they have gone to work events, and they have even helped set up stands for public events. My 12-year-old helps with my citizen science project, in fact she knows it inside out. I have asked my girls if they wish I was a stay at home mum, and they say ‘No! What you do is important!’ They understand what I do and see value in it and I think that really helps us all be more comfortable with the situation.

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Interview with Dr Jeremy Brownlie On Balancing a Career with Being a Dad

Today it is a much better situation, with a number of parents leaving work at reasonable times to collect children or be at home, however I still find that there is an expectation that fathers are more likely to be able to travel for work, to attend meetings early or late in the day, and that they won’t be at home as much.

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