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Interview with Assistant Professor Anna CohenMiller on travelling to conferences with kids

Now that the kids are a bit older, I look both into the safety and cultural practicalities of travel, and also into the areas of town that have playgrounds or outdoor areas to explore. General online searches can help with the first items, but I have found going on Instagram and looking for hashtags about the location can be very helpful. This is how I found nice outdoor play areas to explore in Budapest. Also checking websites that focus on family-friendly travel, like Bebe Voyage, can be very helpful. 

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Interview with Dr Scott Jones on relocating for a job with a family.

Often, academics don’t have loads of time to do the grunt-work necessary to find the right place for them and their family. Online research can only do so much. One thing that helped us overcome this struggle was reaching out to my future colleagues. This was helpful in many ways. Which neighborhoods are actually safe (even if the online peanut gallery disagrees)? How far is too far out of town? What sort of commute is there, and options for ride-sharing/public transit? Of the options of nearby cities, what’s the flavor and culture of each? Asking (and getting answers!) to these questions were instrumental in our family finding a home that fits who we are and want to become, within our small budget.

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Interview with Professor Christina Hicks on taking kids into the field

Things change, what works with one child, for one field site, one year, may not work the next, so constantly reflect, be responsive, flexible, and adaptive. Whenever I decide to take my kids in the field I always tell myself, if it doesn’t work, and I can’t do any work, or I have to come home - it’s ok, and I’m fine doing that.

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