A regularly updated reference library of statistics, reports and presentations on academia, gender equity, parenting and career progression


Do you want to know how parenting affects career progression or have you been asked to give a presentation on gender equity in academia? To ensure you will always have these data at your fingertips, we provide the statistics from research studies exploring the intersection between parenting and academia. If you know of a new study or data from a particular discipline or country, please get in touch and we will add them to the resources. Subscribe to our mailing list to be updated about new research.

Research on parenting and equity in academia


Are you looking for research on a particular topic such as how parenthood affects job prospects or the link between gender and research productivity? Then search our regularly updated database for pertinent studies. If you don’t have access to a particular journal, try Unpaywall to search for an open access version of the article.


Featured Peer-Reviewed Research


Grey Literature

factsheets on equity in science

Women In Science Global

These short, informative fact sheets explore gender equity in science around the world and the development of indicators to track these data. Data are available for download.

collection of articles on women in computer science research

Women in Computer Science Global

For resources exploring women in computer science, check out this extensive database of articles exploring diversity, structural issues and more, and this inspirational list of women who have shaped computer science.

research on diversity in STEM

Diversity in STEM Global

This repository of peer-reviewed research and resources discusses the challenges facing women and minorities in science. Be warned, this collection is extensive - it is not for the faint-hearted or those with minimal time to sift through resources!

research on how motherhood impacts on academic careers

Do Babies Matter? Gender And Families In The Ivory Tower Global

How do motherhood and career progression interact? This book explores the influence of motherhood on career trajectories in academia.


Workplace Flexibility Report AU & NZ

This report details research into employees accessing flexible working arrangements in Australia and New Zealand. There are boxes throughout the report provide useful summary statistics.


Work & Careers In Australian Universities AU

These two resources provide a mine of information on employment, working conditions, equity and parenting. The first looks at Australian academic institutions specifically, whereas the second looks at Australian businesses more broadly.


5 Biases Pushing Women Out Of STEM USA

This short article provides summary statistics on discrimination and support in academia.

statistics on females in Science and Technology in the EU

She Figures 2015 EU

You will find all the statistics on females in Science and Tech in the EU in this comprehensive report.

articles on equity and women's rights in Japan

Women in Business Resource Library JP

This database of articles is a mine of information on equity and women’s rights, including working mothers, in Japan.

radio interview on working parents and school holidays

The Working Parent’s Conundrum: School Holidays NZ

Working parents are faced with the challenging task of balancing work and caring responsibilities - this becomes even harder as school holidays approach. This radio interview with researchers from Auckland University of Technology discusses the preliminary results from a study looking at the stress that arises for parents, and mothers in particular, from the mismatch between the length of employer designated holidays and school holidays.

presentation on gender equity in science

Women In Science Global

Do you need a visualisation of statistics on gender equity in science from around the world? Then look no further, and the data used to make the figures are available for download.

statistics on research and development

UNESCO eAtlas Of Research And Experimental Development Global

Do you need a visualisation of statistics on research and development from around the world? UNESCO provides an illustrated eAtlas of information and the data used to make the figures are available for download.

talk on gender equity in ecology in Australia

Gender Equity In Ecology AU

This keynote by Professors Emma Johnston and Mark Burgman was recorded at the 2015 annual conference for the Ecological Society of Australia. The video provides information on research into gender equity in ecology.

presentation on motherhood in academic in the Czech Republic

Motherhood At The Beginning Of A Scientific Career CZ

Are you student and a mother? This research explores how PhD students who are mothers experience these dual roles in the Czech Republic. The presentation provides statistics on females in science in Czech Republic and the EU.

talk on the effect of parenthood on academic career

Do Babies Matter? Closing The Baby Gap USA

What is a baby gap and does it exist? This presentation by Mary Ann Mason, Professor of Law and Social Welfare, explores gender equity and the influence of having a baby on the academic careers of women in the USA.

organisation supporting gender equity in science

STEM and Gender Advancement (SAGA) Global

The partnership between UNESCO and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency aims to improve measurement and policies focused on gender equity in science.

organisation supporting working families in the UK

Working Families UK

Are you an academic with caring responsibilities in the UK? Working Families UK provides information for working parents and their employers, from employment rights to flexible working, benefits and tax.