Breaking the silence: the hidden injuries of neo-liberal academia

Gill, R. (2016). Breaking the silence: the hidden injuries of neo-liberal academia. Feministische Studien. 34: 39.

How are you? I am totally stressed at the moment, to be honest. Work is piling up and I’m just drowning. I don’t know when I’m going to have time to start on that secrecy and silence book chapter – I’m so, so late with it now, and I feel really bad that I’m letting Roisin down, but I literally never have a second. I know, I know exactly what you mean. I mean, I had 115 e-mails yesterday and they all needed answering. I’m doing 16 hour days just trying to keep on top of it. I feel like I’m always late with everything, and my ›to do‹ list grows faster than I can cross things off it. It’s like one of those fungi in a horror movie that doubles in size every few hours! (Laughter) And I never ever have chance to do any of my own work. I’m sleeping really badly and it all just feels completely out of control… It’s the same for me. Reading? What that? Thinking? No chance! And you feel awful, don’t you. With me I feel like I’m constantly stealing time from the kids too – I’ll go off to check messages in the middle of a game of Monopoly or something. Sometimes I just feel like quitting. Yeah I know. It just gets worse. Still hoping to win the lottery, then?

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