Mothers in US academia: insights from lived experiences

Isgro, K. and M. Castaneda (2015). "Mothers in US academia: insights from lived experiences." Womens Studies International Forum 53: 174-181.

Despite emerging changes in US. colleges and universities, mothers continue to struggle for a voice in an academic landscape that privileges students and scholars who are able to commit long hours to their areas of study under the increasing pressures of the corporatization of education within a global marketplace. In order for women who are parents to have agency and viable career choices in academia, a broad and specific organizational change must occur that emphasizes people's personal and emotional needs as well as their professional obligations and aspirations. Drawing on examples from the Mothers in Academia (2013) anthology, the authors demonstrate both the struggles and strategies of navigating academia as mothers, arguing for a culture of care where professional and personal lives can be integrated in meaningful and gratifying ways. Personal testimonials act as critical interventions in the social, political, and cultural life of academia.

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