Policies that make a difference: bridging the gender equity and work-family gap in academia

O'Brien, K. R., et al. (2015). "Policies that make a difference: bridging the gender equity and work-family gap in academia." Gender in Management 30(5): 414-426.

Purpose - This paper aims to highlight interventions that promote female (and male) faculty's ability to balance work-family issues at a specific academic institution, in response to a demand in the literature that examines the intersection between research and implementation of organizational policies within a university setting. Design/methodology/approach - Using a case study framework, the researchers present qualitative experiences and quantitative data to evaluate the successful application of a work-family balance and organizational climate improvement initiative within an academic setting. Findings - By highlighting specific examples of work-family and climate initiatives at the individual, organization, and community levels, this case study presents several ways in which academic institutions specifically, and organizations generally, can implement policies that make a difference. Practical implications - Successful implementation of work-family balance and family-friendly organizational policies can positively impact employees. Originality/value - Our goal is to highlight and provide data showing a specific example of how female (and male) faculty members' experiences can be (and have been) improved in a prototype institution.

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