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What is gender equality in science?

Why do inequalities persist between male and female scientists, when the causes are well-researched and widely condemned? In part, because equality has many dimensions. Presenting eight definitions of gender equality, we show each is important but incomplete. Rigid application of any single equality indicator can therefore have perverse outcomes.

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Flexibility, sacrifice and insecurity: a Canadian study assessing the challenges of balancing work and family in academia

Semi-structured interviews (N= 21) were conducted with faculty working at a small liberal arts campus in Western Canada during the summer of 2015. The research explored faculty's perceptions of balance between their roles as academics and as parents, as well as similarities and differences between men's and women's experiences.

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Understanding gender inequality and the role of the work/family interface in contemporary academia: an introductio

This double special issue gathers a series of nuanced critically conceptual and case-study research showing that in the contemporary European context, despite regional differences in gender regimes, political and economic demands and organizational cultures, work/life balance policies and their translation into practice remains a highly ambiguous issue.

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