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Flexibility, sacrifice and insecurity: a Canadian study assessing the challenges of balancing work and family in academia

Semi-structured interviews (N= 21) were conducted with faculty working at a small liberal arts campus in Western Canada during the summer of 2015. The research explored faculty's perceptions of balance between their roles as academics and as parents, as well as similarities and differences between men's and women's experiences.

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Eight days a week": a national snapshot of academic mothers' realities in Canadian psychology departments

Contemporary research on women in academia suggests that faculty women who become mothers often find themselves in disadvantaged positions compared with academic fathers and their nonparenting male and female counterparts. Limited empirical attention has been directed toward understanding the barriers reported by women faculty, particularly those within Canadian academic settings.

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Care in academia: an exploration of student parents' experiences

While student parents now represent a significant proportion of the higher education population in England, this group has been given limited consideration in policy circles. Using a social constructivist and feminist theoretical framework, this paper draws on a research project investigating the role of higher education policies in supporting student parents in England.

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