Taking your family on work trips can be stressful, but help is available to reduce the stress and maximise your enjoyment


Academia involves travel, whether to attend a conference or to meet international colleagues. When you travel for work, it is not always practical or desirable to leave your children behind. Here we provide resources to make your next work trip family-friendly, from choosing the best airline to fly to picking kid friendly conferences and destinations. Subscribe to hear about new child-care grants and travel tips!


Interview with Anna CohenMiller on attending conferences with kids


“I have found going on Instagram and looking for hashtags about the location can be very helpful, which is how I found nice outdoor play areas to explore in Budapest”

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ANNA cohenmiller @ NAZARBayev University


Resources for academic parents traveling with kids

article on conferences and childcare availability

Traveling Without The Kids Global

This blog piece from Parents Magazine provides some key things to consider and prepare for when you are faced with leaving your child at home when you go to a conference or on a research trip.

article on attending conference with kids

Conferences & Childcare Global

To get a handle on whether conference organisers are beginning to take the need to be family-friendly more seriously, these articles look at initiatives to support parents at conferences and the prevalence of childcare at conferences across the US in 2018.

article on traveling with kids for work

Adventures In STEM: My Mom - The Evil Scientist? Global

Do you want to get your kids excited about joining you on the next work trip? This entertaining book for kids describes the adventures of two girls that join their mum at a scientific conference.

article on traveling for research with kids

Conferences & Kids AU+

This article explores the challenges of taking kids to conferences and how to make it work for you. The author also provides a list of funding opportunities focused on covering the childcare costs you may incur when attending a conference.

funding for traveling to a conference with your family

Childcare Grants for Conferences & Work Travel Global

Women in Cell Biology is an advocacy group that promotes gender equity in the field of cell biology. One of their initiatives is providing childcare grants for academics attending conferences with their kids (Global $)

ORPHEUS Conference - The Association of European Biomedical and Health Science Faculties and Institutions provides child care grants for their annual conference. Julie Gould provides a quick summary of her experiences attending the 2018 conference with kids (EU+)

Entomological Society of America Conference provides childcare grants (USA+)

UK Microbiology Society Conference provides childcare grants (UK+)

British Society for Cell Biology provides grants to cover childcare for members presenting at a scientific conference or meeting (UK)

Capstone Editing provides a carer grant for childcare or similar support for academics attending conferences or traveling for work (AU&NZ)

Georgina Sweet Award For Women In Quantitative Biomedical Science provides grants that cover a range of logistical costs (AU)

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute provides grants to help female students and ECRs to attend conferences or when undertaking travel for work (AU)

Australian Mathematical Society offers a grant that covers childcare costs for members (AU)

Franklin Women provide a grant for childcare or similar support for academics attending conferences or traveling for work (AU)


Choosing your airline

Childcare services for conferences